Facebook Ads 101 for Creatives & Small Businesses

So I got a little excited in my first post Facebook & Instagram Re-targeting Ads for Entrepreneurs. I was getting all of these re-targeting ads (and running some of my own) that I wanted to show you all how! However, I may have overlooked about 30,031,460 things you should do before running re-targeting. So let’s back it up.

Facebook & Instagram ads are an incredibly lucrative marketing opportunity for those that know how to work the system. You can get as complicated or keep it as simple as you prefer, but the more in depth you dive, the more you’re likely to get from your ad spend. For certain types of businesses, I think there’s no better place to be advertising. Running Google PPC and Display Ads + Facebook/Instagram Social Ads and you’ve got yourself a solid digital marketing advertising strategy. But where do you start?

First and foremost, there is a MASSIVE difference between boosting a post and running a Facebook ad. Boosting a post will only push that content in news feeds with limited demographic data, limited insights, and limited targeting. In a word: limiting. It’s also not ideal for a long term advertising strategy. It may be helpful to get a recent blog post out there or to show off your latest work, but it’s not going to help you get the conversions you’re after. That’s why I stick to running Facebook Ads.

Let’s walk through the basics:

All of the options & available tools within Facebook Business Manager. It’s the best playground for social media marketers!

All of the options & available tools within Facebook Business Manager. It’s the best playground for social media marketers!

  1. Switch to Facebook Business Manager instead of using your personal profile to manage your pages. It will make life SO much easier and there are countless reasons to switch. Truly, that’s a whole different blog post. Sign up and create an account, then merge your business Facebook profile to the Business Manager. It may seem scary at first but it’s in better hands in FBM.

    Some of my personal favorite features about Facebook Business Manager are:
    a. Facebook Analytics
    b. Creative Hub
    c. Events Manager (Pixel & Website Events, not actual events)
    d. Audiences

  2. Set up your Ad Account within Facebook Business Manager. If you already have one within you’re personal profile, that’s okay! You can create a new one.

    There are several key settings you’re going to want to configure before you even start your first ad. These include: Billing preferences, Account Spending Limit, and connecting your Business Page and Instagram account.

  3. Install your Facebook Pixel to your website. This is by far the most important step in setting up your ads. Your Facebook PIxel tracks everything on your website, much like Google Analytics but it’s a quick way to contribute traffic, clicks, and conversions directly to your Facebook ads. Check out this helpful article for installing it. It’s important to note that your Pixel will take a while to actually gather helpful data. The longer your Pixel is active on your website, the more beneficial it will become down the road. Want to see if your Pixel is working or who else is running one on their website? Install this plug-in for Chrome to automatically see the status of the Pixel on a webpage you’re browsing.

Website Activity Recorded via Facebook Pixel

Website Activity Recorded via Facebook Pixel

Once those steps are taken, you’re ready to run your first ad campaign. While you wait on my next post that walks you through the set-up of these ads.. here’s some homework! Answer the following:

  • What are your marketing objectives?

  • What goal are you trying to reach with these ads?

  • Who are your competitors?

  • What stage of the ‘funnel’ is your ideal consumer in? Are they researching, ready to buy, or not even thinking about your product/service?

facebookadsforphotographers (7).png

Want custom help and advice?

Let’s talk! I’ll walk you through all of the basics, set up your Business Manager and go over things like:

  • Designing an effective ad

  • Tips to keep your ad running smoothly (yes, you have to check on it every day)

  • Run through all the crazy acronyms (CPM, CPC, PTA, and more)

  • The best ad format for your objective.

    and way, way more.

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