Anderson East & Mt. Joy

Concerts in Charlotte: Anderson East at The Underground

If you’re not familiar with Anderson East, he’s the kind of musician who’s voice feels like it’s from another era. Coated with that raspy, “I’ve been drinking whisky and smoking for decades but can hit every note as if I’m the one that created it.” He doesn’t really fit into a ‘genre’ per se, but rather mixes a few into every song, including early rock and roll, gospel, and soul. However, I think so many people are drawn to his music for his incredibly passionate songwriting. No painful detail of his life is off limits but he composes each song in a way where you’re dancing but realizing that “oh, this isn’t a happy song.” 

The night started off with a killer set from opening artists Mt. Joy. They’re a newcomber to the scene debuting their first album just a few months ago. It wasn’t until half way through their set that the venue reached its’ sold out status but it was also then that the show REALLY got started. Drinks started flowing, Mt. Joy’s set was setting the mood and the night had begun. By their last song ‘Silver Lining’, everyone was singing, even if they didn’t know the words. 

Anderson’s setlist started off right away on a fast paced and upbeat note with ‘Satisfy Me’, followed by a little slow down with ‘Surrender’. Once the crowd was warmed up, he kicks it up another notch and introduces the next song by saying “This song is about how I feel tonight” before playing ‘King For A Day’. One may think that with this type of music, there’s is left to desire with stage presence, just singing into a mic and playing a guitar. Not Anderson. He makes sure to work every corner of the stage, interact with the audience, and a little dancing in between. A few more tracks from his previous album, ‘Delilah’ mellowed things out. 

For those of you reading that haven’t heard the news, Tim Bergling (aka Aviccii) passed away on the day before the show in Charlotte, Friday, April 20th. What does this have to do with Anderson? He co-wrote one of his biggest singles, ‘Girlfriend’. Before playing the song, Anderson gave a touching tribute to Tim and dedicated the song to him before absolutely bringing the roof down. 

Anderson finished his set off with ‘Without You, ‘All On My Mind’, and ‘This Too Shall Last’ before slowing down with an encore that would make you cry over the lyrics if you weren’t mesmerized by the full band and his voice. 

All photos ©Ashley Lester Photography



See the full setlist below:

  1. Satisfy Me

  2. Surrender

  3. King For A Day

  4. Pick Up My Pieces

  5. Learning

  6. Devil In Me

  7. Sorry You’re Sick

  8. Girlfriend

  9. If You Keep Leaving

  10. Without You

  11. All On My Mind

  12. This Too Shall Last

  13. Cabinet Door

  14. Always Be My Baby (Mariah Carey Cover)

  15. House Is A Building