Kara & Landon | Engagement Session

This engagement session is so special and near to my heart, my two good friends Kara and Landon are engaged!!! 

They have been together for 7 years (although to many it feels like 70) and I think the entire East Coast felt the shake of excitement when Landon proposed. I knew about his proposal a few weeks before it happened and thank goodness I left Virginia Beach the day after he told me because it was SO HARD not to tear up when Kara walked over. It was finally happening! 

When they asked me to take their engagement photos I said yes before she could finish asking! THEN she told me she wanted to take pictures in two different states on the same day.... she cray. But actually, it was worth every minute. I had SO much fun with these two and their families, I felt like a part of the crew and if we're being honest, I was so sad when it was over. 

The heat soared into the 90's that day but from the looks of it, they kept their cool just fine and didn't complain once. Especially Landon when he threw on his suit! I wish I could post EVERY SINGLE image from this session because each one deserved a place on the wall. But for now, here's the highlights!