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This post is long overdue. I wasn't planning on blogging it but then I realized that more people need to meet Miss Parker. 

Parker's mom and dad are two of my favorite people... ever. They were my second wedding EVER and have believed in me and kept me going from the beginning. When I found out that Jordan was expecting, I was INSANELY excited because I knew that it was just one more chapter in their life that I was able to capture. Not many photographers stay with their clients from engagements --> wedding --> anniversary --> maternity --> newborn. It's been such an honor. 

I don't normally advertise that I do 'newborn' sessions because there are so many photographers that specialize in just that and probably know how to handle fussy babies better than I do. I also have a very different approach when it comes to babies. I'm not a "baby in a basket, wrapped up like a burrito wearing costumes" photographer. When Parker is a grown adult, does she want to see herself sitting in a bucket dressed like a lady bug or in the arms of her mom and dad/wrapped in her favorite blanket sleeping peacefully? I vote the second and that's why I have a 'lifestyle' approach to newborns! 

Enough rambling, it's time for baby feet... 

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Baby Avery

Shooting weddings is a huge part of Ashley Lester Photography and if I think back to where it all started, it started with Elisha & Trey. Their wedding was the first wedding I ever attended and I took my camera along just to play with it (let's keep in mind that this was YEARS ago! I would never take my DSLR as a guest nowadays!) After coming home and realizing how much love and giddiness I got from taking pictures at a wedding, I made it my goal to grow and get better... Years later, here I am all booked for 2014! Now they have been happily married and finally welcomed a gorgeous baby girl last week!

Trey and Elisha announced that they were expecting last year and I just knew this would be the most spoiled baby ever. Baby Avery is such a sweet girl and I could not be more excited for their growing family. Elisha was just born to me a mommy; she is a natural, and Trey is clearly wrapped around Avery's finger already! 

I am so happy to share a few images from the arrival of Baby Avery! 

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The Bernard & Ashby Family

Talk about a quick turn around time! This session was just last night! :) 

I am so so so thankful that this family has a mutual obsession with bright colors. I was absolutely STOKED to pull up into their gorgeous driveway and see the most perfect yard you'll ever see along with these beautifully coordinated outfits. I always get a little nervous when families ask me to shoot at their house because I never know what kind of conditions I'm going to run into. However, as soon as I got to this house I knew it was a photographer's dream and don't even get me started on the weather... ugh, PERFECT! 

Anyway, the Ashby family is one of those families that just radiates love and fun, I wish I could have hung out with them all day. They are so full of life and I've never seen siblings get along so well! I was so honored to capture their growing family! 

Here are just a few from last night's family shoot! :) 

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The Hamm Family

When you shoot in the winter, it's extremely hard to get that 'colorful' look I strive for in every photo. The grass is dead, trees are bare, and winter light is just not as magical. However, I am always in a sunshine state of mind and I am so glad this family can read my mind because they definitely livened up the environment and their colors just scream SPRING! 

I was so so excited to shoot this family because I've been in touch with Kendall for many months now. Whenever someone is as excited about their photos as I am, it truly makes me 10x more enthusiastic about their session. Little Avery and Preslee are the cutest of girls but being at ages 2 and 3.. they were the boss. 

Here are a few from our late-winter/early-spring family shoot.

Bonus: BLOOPER REEL! Because we all know those cute little smiles didn't come easy...


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Baby Ashby

 I absolutely love meeting newborns, they are such a reminder of how precious new life is. I was so excited to see that Baby Ashby made his arrival just before Christmas and I couldn't be more excited to meet him! We literally planned this shoot at the last minute and I was more than happy to brave the cold!

When I photograph newborns, I do them a little differently than other photographers in that my shoots aren't staged. I work with the baby and their mood to capture my photos, without props and poses, or backgrounds. Maybe it's just me, but I love natural photos. Little Ashby was such a trooper for the first half but I think he was catching on to what I was doing towards the middle. Newborns are always super fragile when it comes to their moods but I snap away regardless! Plus, who doesn't love a few crying/screaming shots? 

Here are a few shots from this morning's casual shoot with Baby Ashby!

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The McLain Family


What a FUN family! You can tell a family is just a total blast to be around in the first 5 minutes of meeting them. These two guys are at the perfect age where they can listen and pose, but still bring so much "kid" fun to a shoot! The weather was awful, cloudy/misty, and just plain awful but that didn't stop us! Monica wanted to meet at Hollins and I never argue because it's such a beautiful campus. While we were taking pictures on the quad, there was some sort of "tradition" taking place. Apparently it was "ring night" and the juniors had to follow weird orders given by the seniors. We had students air-rowing around us, singing, yelling, you name it. I thought I was just going crazy until one of them filled us in!! Anyways, this insanely beautiful family just brought so much sunshine to an otherwise crappy day and I can't thank them enough for it! 

Here are a few from our cloudy but colorful Hollins family shoot! 

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The Witcher Family


This family was literally sent by angels. Right as we arrived on location to start, my car was having some big troubles. They kept my spirits up and the boys and I had tons of fun! Turns out, this family and I have TONS of mutual friends which gave us plenty to catch up on! So funny how six degrees of separation is such a true theory. She even taught one of my past grooms! I'm so excited that I finally got to meet up with this gorgeous family and hang out with them for a few hours. The weather was cloudy and bleh but that didn't stop this session and the beautiful colors we got from it! 

This was also my first session that I've done with all BOYS! I'm use to shooting girls and it was so much fun to switch it up. I had to watch my adjectives because boys don't want to hear that they have "such a pretty smile" :) 

Here are a few from our cloudy and colorful fall family shoot!

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Brandi & Co


The photography industry is insanely overcrowded and competitive and it's super tough out there. It's a rare day when you can find a friend in the industry that is willing to share information and open up. When Brandi contacted me, I could immediately tell she would be an awesome friend to have. As another photographer herself (Check out her page here!), I was ecstatic to meet her and her family! We met on a beautiful afternoon in Lexington on the most gorgeous farm. I have to say, Brandi picked the most gorgeous location... I could of shot there ALL DAY! After taking pictures of her extremely adorable family we took some time to take some headshots for her too! 

Roanoke clients that are reading this: hit her up! I'm not always in the area but her work is worth the short road trip! 

Brandi: It was SO nice to hang out with you and just be able to open up to someone who knows how tough it can be. It's so crucial to have friends in this business and you've got one in me! 

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The Meador Family


You all should be fairly familiar with this cute little family by now! After posting a few pictures from his first day home (see them here!), I was so excited to go back and take a few more "formal" pictures with them! He's absolutely the most handsome baby I have ever seen and Mom and Dad? NATURALS. It's like they were born to be parents because everything from wiping up poo to keeping him comfortable came so easily to them! (Or so it seems) Anyways, enjoy the cuteness of Baby Nolan and Co! 


  Christmas Card idea? WHY NOT! 

Christmas Card idea? WHY NOT! 

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The Alcorn Family

Oh to have a sibling. I'm always so envious of families with siblings because I didn't get to grow up with the pros and cons. As soon as these little girls got out of the car I knew it was going to be a fun session! So full of life and ENERGY little Harper and Emma really tested my endurance (it counted as my exercise for the weekend) but I won't complain. I can't get over what a model Miss Emma is, she loved to cheese it up for the camera and she's so photogenic. Little Harper is just as beautiful but at the wonderful age of two, the candid shots ended up being the keepers. I truly appreciate parents who can hang in there for a session and be as crazy as I am. Anything for a smile, right? Right. I played right along with these two cuties and even gave them both a little time BEHIND the camera too! ;) What toddler doesn't want to play with something big and expensive? The weather was a bit windy but you know what... that's life. Not every day is 75 degrees and calm breezes but I wouldn't trade our session for anything!


Here are a few from our windy & chilly fall day family session!  

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