Jennifer: Class of 2015

So first and foremost... I am terrified of horses. They are big, muscular, and did I mention how big they are? I grew up around them so I'm not a complete city girl but they still scare the living crap out of me. They are especially scary when I'm carrying around an expensive camera and lens ;) but when Jennifer contacted me about senior pictures, I could not pass up the opportunity! Jennifer is a photographer here in Virginia Beach and her specialty is horses and equine photography! 

On the drive out to the barn, I had no idea what to expect from this session because my aunt told me that horses can "sense fear" -- GREAT. However, "Lori" was as sweet as could be and the pictures turned out incredible! 

Here are a few from our senior session: 

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Kassie: Class of '14


As a photographer, I usually HATE black and white pictures. I'm fun & colorful! The more color the better! However, there are some girls that can just rock a black and white. Kassie is one of them. Senior pictures are one of my favorite sessions because it's a chance to get creative. I cannot stand corny, cliche, and cheesy senior pictures. You're graduating and moving on into the real world... senior photos are your chance to show the world how grown up you are! Some photographers like to use props and cliche poses, but honestly, my seniors are models and that's how I like to treat the session.

I've known Kassie for years now mainly because of her older brother but I love this whole family to death. I can't believe it's almost time for Kassie to graduate. She's always been the baby of the family! Here we are now, 4 years later and we are both about to graduate. I was so stoked to work with her because... look at her, she is gorgeous! I cannot comprehend how well she photographs. (I'm actually quite jealous..) 

Here are a few from our sunny afternoon senior session! 

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Evan: Class of '14

I love being able to come home and take photos of seniors. Seniors aren't THAT much younger than me and it's so nice and refreshing to hear the stories of proms, SATs, football games, and of course, the college decision. I'm only 21 so it wasn't that long ago I was in their shoes. Meet Evan, one of the most talented Seniors I've met. Smart AND Athletic, Evan is going to go far in college and anything he pursues, and c'mon.. look at that SMILE! We had a great time walking around Downtown as he told me about his plans for school, his past in athletics, and his puppy Rosie! Everyone who has ever met me knows I love dogs and I couldn't have been happier when they surprised me with Rosie! What a cutie! 

Here's a few from our sunny downtown adventure with Evan, Rosie & Co! 

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