Earning My Apron: Breakfast Taquitos

Can I preface this week's post with: I am not a food blogger, nor am I a food stylist. I can't style food and I can't even pretend like I know what I'm doing. This is a journal to document my cooking experience! 

Now, on to TAQUITOS. 

So this recipe wasn't supposed to be a smash hit, it wasn't even supposed to be memorable, just a quick recipe for breakfast to use up what was left in the fridge... 


It's a new favorite. These little guys are easily my go-to breakfast recipe, especially if I can make them the same morning and there's someone over (the recipe makes a lot of them).


#AshleyEarnsHerApron FIRST: I've never cooked sausage before.. turns out, it's pretty f'n easy. Haha


The recipe also called for chopped spinach... I dont know how to CHOP SPINACH. I ended up getting frustrated with the knife and just tore it to shit. Anyone have a good way to get this done or does everyone just rip it up like wrapping paper on Christmas morning? 


I remember when I took this picture thinking "if I screw this up, it's going to happen right here" -- Eggs hate me. Maybe just fried eggs hate me but whatever. Also the recipe called for feta cheese but that's gross. So I left it out. 


All assembled, ready for the oven! (Also the recipe calls for medium tortillas but I just grabbed large wraps because I forgot. Whoops. I also filled them with A LOT of stuffing, looking at the photos in the original recipe, I turned these into burritos but it STILL worked out for the best though. CONTINUE! 



Mateo's Gourmet Salsa is by far the best salsa (other than our local Farmer's Market salsa that we get here in Birmingham) this is available at Walmart and if you're into salsa, pick this shit up. 


Above shot^ Ready for the oven, you can see the recipe made several of these things. If you didn't learn from the pie, I'm pretty anal about making sure things don't burn in the oven so I watched this thing cook for about a solid 12 minutes. I just want golden brown perfection, okay!? 


I should have smothered these babies in salsa when I took the picture but I forgot. They are SO crispy and with a little layer of salsa, I died. SO GOOD. I also stored them in a tupperware container in the fridge and ate them for lunch the following week. They only keep for a day or two because then they start to get pretty soggy. Hooray for a small win! 


Ready to make your taquitos?


Get the actual (and legit) recipe here and tag me in a photo if you make it!!! 

Got any cooking advice, help, or recipes I should try next? Comment below!