Facebook & Instagram Retargeting Ads for Entrepreneurs

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about anything other than my photo work! I use to love sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits into the business but life just got way too busy. However, I hope to change that in 2019.

As most of you know, I work full time in digital marketing and have since 2012, around the same time that I started my photography side hustle so to me, they’ve ALWAYS been hand in hand. I love sharing my experiences with other creatives and entrepreneurs that may not have the resources or knowledge of some of the game changers in marketing. I’m not a good teacher but I hope these little blog posts shed some light on easy things you can be doing to help your business (or side hustle) flourish!

One of my favorite digital marketing tools is social media advertising. I don’t need to give you any stats or tidbits into why it’s important, everyone is on social media and everyone sees the ads on a daily basis. So how can you become a player?

The first of many series of social media advertising focuses on retargeting. One of my FAVORITE weapons in creating conversions within ads.

Have you ever been on a website browsing and then that day or even a few days later, that same brand or even same item appears in your social feed? Some call it creepy, I call it marketing magic. That’s RETARGETING and it’s incredibly easy to do.

Facebook Advertising for Photographers: Retargeting


1.       Are you using Business Manager for Facebook? Stop reading, go create an account right meow.

2.       Is your Facebook pixel installed? Use this guide to help you.

3. Do you have a Facebook Ad Account? You’re gonna need one to run ads, obviously :)

If the answer to both of those questions are “yes” then proceed. If not, spend some time setting up your Business Manager account and your Facebook pixel. The pixel will need some time to collect data so don’t be discouraged if your “new” pixel doesn’t give you 100 conversions within a week. Things take time.

First thing you want to do is to set up a Custom Audience in Business Manager!


Facebook Business Manager is an INVALUABLE tool for anyone using Facebook or Instagram for business purposes. You have way more capabilities and access to tools that will help your advertising tremendously.


 There are countless options for creating audiences for ads but for this post, we’ll stick to selecting the first option, Create a Custom Audience


We’ll select “Website Traffic” - this is why it’s imperative that your Facebook Pixel is installed on your website!


Here’s where it gets fun. There are many options that you can set up to track visitors from your website. If you’re a wedding photographer, I would recommend tracking people that visit your “information” page where your pricing or package details are. If you’re a restaurant, you could use your menu page. OR if you are selling a broad spectrum of services or products, you could just leave it to your home page. Honestly there are so many variables to this tool that I can’t possible go over them.

But why is this more helpful than targeting general demographics?

The Facebook pixel will use the cookies in your visitor’s browsers to track when they visited your page and then be able to deliver your ads back to those people. So if you have a bride that just got engaged and she’s just now started shopping around for photographers, having your name and your work back in her timeline after she visited your website will 1) keep your brand “TMA” (Top of Mind Awareness) and 2) give her easier access to reach back out to you to book.

It’s incredibly effective if the rest of your marketing strategy is baked out with a clear objective, eye catching creative, and a well designed ad.

I’ll get into a little more of designing ads later down the road.

Still confused on Facebook/Instagram advertising?

Let’s talk! I’ll walk you through all of the basics, set up your Business Manager and go over things like:

  • Designing an effective ad

  • Tips to keep your ad running smoothly (yes, you have to check on it every day)

  • Run through all the crazy acronyms (CPM, CPC, PTA, and more)

  • The best ad format for your objective.

    and way, way more.

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