FAQ: Where should I print my photos?


It's really no surprise, I am terrible at communicating with my clients.  There is SO much information, especially when it comes to brides, that it does always seem to slip about where my favorite place to print your photos yourself. Most photographers will ask you to order prints through their online galleries or through them exclusively and that is TOTALLY fine. I would love to do that but I don't have that much time nor do I feel like setting up the logistics of a storefront. I also prefer to keep things pretty cost effective around here and I don't make any money off of prints, usually. 

and this is why.... 

I LOVE love love to print photos. My husband makes fun of all the boxes I have in my closet but they are just FULL of photos that I've printed not just professional photos, but also iPhone shots too! There's just something about having tangible memories (although it's possible that's just the hoarder in me talkin') but it really does mean a lot to me. Therefore, I always try to throw a handful of prints in with my bridal collections because if you're anything like me, sometimes it takes forever to actually go get them printed. But with all of those memories (and the investment in professional photography) it gets costly! So that's my round-about reason why I just let print ordering up to you.

Now, the reason you're all here..let me introduce you to my favorite print lab: Adorama PixThis lab is freakin' amazing. They have THE FASTEST turnaround of any professional printing lab, the sweetest customer service staff, the best social media rep (shout out Libby!) and of course, the best quality. I have ordered from so many professional photography labs, you know the fancy ones that requires you to be a professional photographer to join? Yeah, they are great, but the SAME quality if not better, can be found right here at good ol' Adorama. They are also the cheapest. Keep an eye out around the big holidays for their MASSIVE sales, (we're talking $1 8x10's people) and definitely sign up for their emails! 

I ordered prints on a Monday morning and had them in hand by Thursday. They are so fantastic and I LOVE all of their papers too (matte, lustre, glossy, and deep matte) -- I really can't rave about them enough. All of my personal wedding photos and all of my family's photos are from there too. So there you have it, my not-so secret print lab! 

 *** I am not being paid to promote them, nor do they even know I exist, but if you click the button below and purchase something, I get "credits" to use for myself... because we all know I have 4000 pictures of Max just waiting to get printed ;) ****