Happily Ever Honeymoon

I can't believe it's over already, I feel like a week in paradise is equal to an hour in reality. We had SO many countless options for honeymoon locations and we were very torn on several different options including The Keys, Maui, and the Virgin Islands. Ultimately, we decided on the USVI because it was closer than Hawaii, cheaper, and somewhere that neither of us had been before. 

One of our main goals when we were away was to EAT. We had "tried" to eat healthy before the wedding just so everything fit but once that was over, we wanted to actually enjoy the resort food. We snorkeled, napped, explored, shopped, swam, and drank. Being on your honeymoon is truly the happiest vacation you'll ever take. However, it didn't come without a few lessons learned. Below are the top 5 things I learned while in the Virgin Islands followed by a few favorite photos from our trip! 

  1. If you are truly trying to disconnect, don't even take your phone. Leave it in the room. My entire goal on our honeymoon was to be utterly disconnected but since Jon didn't have service, I felt obligated to keep my phone on me for emergencies (and navigating) so I constantly felt the tug of social media calling. Sigh... I gave in, many times. 
  2. Driving on the left side of the road isn't scary -- but the islanders' driving is. We decided to rent a car to explore the island and we regret every second. Driving around a small island is easy except when you are constantly in fear of being hit or ran over by a local. 
  3. TAKE CASH. We took a lot of cash on this trip but it seemed like every single thing we did required it or required a tip, don't forget it! 
  4. Caribbean cocktails are a LOT stronger than the ones you buy here on the mainland. Not sure what's up with the heavy pours but you won't hear me complain about it. 
  5. Be prepared to pay an outrageous amount of money for any type of food. Want a slice of pizza? Sure, $12. How about a can of Coke? That'll cost you $2.50.