Kayla T | Charlotte NC Photographer

I am terrible at blogging recent work, I'm terrible at blogging period. But when I started editing these pictures, I knew it would be unfair to keep them from the world. Kayla and I reunited in Uptown for a quick urban-inspired shoot and I could have spent ALL DAY with her! We had so much fun finding different nooks of the city, if you're in Charlotte, I highly recommend just parking and walking around the city. The walls, the textures, the light, it's all so inspiring! Apparently I'm not the only one who agrees because the parks and streets were littered with prom couples and wedding parties! 

For me, this was just a fun creative no-frills-no-pressure kind of shoots and they are absolutely necessary for my sanity. I love being able to just do whatever I want to with a subject that's just as down for whatever as I am! 

Now everyone I need your help, leave a comment below for Kayla to help convince her she needs to quit her job and model full time. ;) 

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