Macie & Brian | A Mountain Lake Lodge Engagement Session

You’ve seen the movies, the ones where these two kids meet in high school and some how ‘miraculously’ become soulmates as pre-teens. You roll your eyes and laugh it off because “Hollywood” - right? No one falls in love at that age and then stays together throughout the dark ages of high school and college. Right?

But then you meet Macie and Brian. They’re getting married next spring and they had their first date when they were 👏14 👏YEARS 👏 OLD. 👏 I love it. Couples like this are what the movies are written about and I am so excited to help tell their story. I was able to photograph their proposal back in November, their engagement session this month, and their wedding day next year!

Our session was supposed to happen in April but Mother Nature made us reschedule. We pushed their date back a few months and hoped for the best. We also changed locations and they requested “mountain views” and so I scoured Google Maps and found a little parking lot off the side of a back country road and boy did it pay off. The sun set and painted the mountains all sorts of colors, the golden hour draped us in warm summer light, and yeah, it was MAGICAL.

Enough words, more pictures!