Baby Parker | Roanoke Newborn Photographer

This post is long overdue. I wasn't planning on blogging it but then I realized that more people need to meet Miss Parker. 

Parker's mom and dad are two of my favorite people... ever. They were my second wedding EVER and have believed in me and kept me going from the beginning. When I found out that Jordan was expecting, I was INSANELY excited because I knew that it was just one more chapter in their life that I was able to capture. Not many photographers stay with their clients from engagements --> wedding --> anniversary --> maternity --> newborn. It's been such an honor. 

I don't normally advertise that I do 'newborn' sessions because there are so many photographers that specialize in just that and probably know how to handle fussy babies better than I do. I also have a very different approach when it comes to babies. I'm not a "baby in a basket, wrapped up like a burrito wearing costumes" photographer. When Parker is a grown adult, does she want to see herself sitting in a bucket dressed like a lady bug or in the arms of her mom and dad/wrapped in her favorite blanket sleeping peacefully? I vote the second and that's why I have a 'lifestyle' approach to newborns! 

Enough rambling, it's time for baby feet...